Saturday, February 27, 2010


I belong in the sewing world. The universe has done an amazing job sending me these signals lately.

I hate having long fingernails; haven't had them since middle school since I had to keep them short to play the cello - Long fingernails just get in the way when sewing. I was blessed with family members who are pretty skilled sewers & quilters. I love cats. I'm lovingly - I think - dubbed the "Crazy Cat Lady" by friends, family, & coworkers. Each has their own 'hilarious' version of what my life is/will be like: always covered in cat hair, security cameras set up a la Angela from The Office, buying crazy clothes & costumes, single at 50 with just as many cats & houseplants, basically a hoarder of cats. I guess my point is, what kind of CCL would I be if I didn't also sew?

But the most recent sign is "wonky." I started using this word a little while back & I'm not exactly sure where it came from. I just started saying things like "I feel wonky," "That picture is hung all wonky like," etc. My new vocabulary was met with some strange looks from those around me. But I promise you, wonky is a real word & is in the dictionary. Apparently I was just using this word with the wrong crowd of people, because my sewing world knows wonky! At the fabric store the other day, the woman helping me referred to a cut of fabric as wonky. Patterns online have wonky in the title, they use it as part of their everyday language. Finally...people who understand me! :)

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