Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snap back to reality...

I have always loved reading. Some of my favorite memories are sitting in Momo's (my) cherry tree reading, soaking up the sun on the roof of the shed reading, laying in bed all day Sunday reading...getting lost in the world of the characters in my books. Spending an afternoon with the elves and solving mysteries with the boxcar children. When starting a book, I dove in and didn't come up for air until I was finished.

During high school and college I took a hiatus from reading books that I enjoyed. It seemed like I was being bombarded with required reading for classes and I didn't have time to fit my reading in between Lazarillo, Marketing, International Trade, and El Cid. But a few months ago I started a new series and disappeared from the rest of the world. I got completely lost in the world of vampires & shape shifters (yeah, sue me, I read those books). Mornings, lunches, evenings, and weekends were spent devouring each word. When I didn't have my nose in the book, my head was still stuck in it. I speed read through the entire series until the end...

I hate the end of a book. In general I don't like good-byes (as has been evident in other aspects of my life...sometimes to my detriment) but with books, it's a definite end to the relationship. I'll never again get to spend the afternoon with the characters I came to love. To put off the final good-byes I savor each word, reread paragraphs several times so that I don't miss anything and I can delay the sadness. For me, there's always a period of mourning when I shut a book for the last time.

This period of mourning is now over, but I think I'll hold off on finding my next fictional world for a little while. There's too much sewing to be done, and I think the boyfriend missed me a little bit last time.

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