Friday, March 5, 2010

In Training...

I'm training for a 5K!

Stop laughing. No really, catch your breath, wipe the tears from your eyes & read on because I'm serious. I don't blame your hysterics though. I'm the one who walked rather than ran around the school when my high school PE teacher wasn't watching. The one who begged Coach to let us walk instead of run through Wilson Park to warm up for practice. The one who stares in awe at all the runners one the sidewalks of Manhattan.

But because of my love for my friends, I'm going to run a 5K in April. When Kasie cooked up the idea & emailed us all about it, I was one of the first to reply that I was in. That was months ago & I thought it would be a piece of cake to prepare for it. Well, now it's just a month & a half away. Ooops, where did that time go? So Tuesday I decided I had better start training! After that first run, I may have sent the following email out to my friends:

Do you all remember an email from our beloved friend that we got a few months ago that explained this great idea she had: running a 5k? Well I remember it. And yes, I remember jumping on the bandwagon immediately. But what I didn't realize is that I was also signing up to slowly make myself despise this beloved friend. Because in order to run this 5k, I have to practice. And that means actually run...regularly. I hate running. Why did I sign up for this? So last night I freaked out & realized that this activity (that I was doing out of love for Kasie) is in a month & a half. & I need to prepare. So what did I do last night? I got in the Internets & found a program to turn me from a couch potato to a 5k runner in 8-10 weeks. Well, I don't have that long, so let's hope it will work for me... And then what did I do you ask? I ran. I went for a run. And it sucked. I survived, yes. And I reached my goal, yes. But what that damn website doesn't tell you is that you will feel like ralphing at least twice during the 20 minute period and it doesn't mention bringing your cell phone in case your legs decide not to work after the first two running rotations & you need to call someone to come get you at "I don't know, that damn house on that damn street." Thankfully, I made it home in one rubbery piece. My legs are sore, but I think I'll be okay for tomorrow. But I also love Kasie, because if I hadn't run, I wouldn't have noticed the buds on the trees!

So I don't really hate Kasie, but man that first day was rough. Last night I did it all over again & this time it wasn't as bad. Maybe we can all do this after all!

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