Sunday, March 14, 2010

Singer Situation

My sewing machine was a birthday present last year. We (my sewing machine & I - yes, I tend to anthropomorphize) have gotten along pretty well with just a few hiccups. The occasional bobbin issue or thread getting stuck in the main part of the machine & my having to break out the heavy power tools to unstuck it. But this past weekend he (yes, my sewing machine is a he) really dropped the ball.

Saturday was Kasie's birthday. I bought some fabric a few weekends ago and was super excited to start making a bag for her. Well, I have procrastinated once or twice in my life (like that time I wrote a 20-page paper in one night) and last week may have been one of those times. I didn't get the bag finished in time and had to pack up the sewing machine, fabric, & notions so I could sew in AC Saturday before seeing Kasie. Saturday morning I set everything up to work & then the problems began. Tension problems, bobbin winding problems, every kind of problem. I even tried to work on Lindsay's machine & while it looked a little better, it still wasn't right. The fabric must be haunted.

I have visited with several shops to determine the problem. They have told me to look into issues with the needle, tension, machine, etc. Tomorrow I'm going to the quilt shop in town to see what they think of my fabric. Hopefully the problem will be resolved with buying a different needle because if I have to buy a new machine, Kasie's bag will end up looking like this for a while...

Happy Birthday, Kasie!

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