Friday, March 19, 2010

Road Rage

I inherited more of my looks from my dad's side of the family. My nose & mouth are definitely Morris family features. My mom shows up in my personality. Both of us struggle with showing our emotions constructively, we are incredibly stubborn, & we suffer from a horrible case of road rage that can only stay hidden for so long before it explodes in a horrible string of profanity or the dreaded whammy (Mom is more creative in her modes of expression than I am).

Slow drivers, drivers who ride on my bumper, drivers who swerve back & forth between the lanes because it is so much more important that they reach their destination that fraction of a second sooner. Pedestrians stepping right out in front of my car when there is no crosswalk in sight. Cyclists riding their bikes through a crosswalk. Red lights that just won't change. All of these have felt my wrath...or at least I have yelled at them with my car windows rolled up.

But yesterday I found myself hoping to get stopped at those red lights. I had just bought a Dairy Queen blizzard & each of those red lights meant a brief moment to enjoy every bite. How dare driving interrupt my eating in the car! So yesterday, all the red lights I stopped at were spared my berating...yummy yummy Blizzard.

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