Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What have you done today?

I love the Biggest Loser. I love learning about the contestants' lives. I love seeing these people work so hard to change their lives for themselves, their families, and their friends.

The theme song of the show always makes me think... "What have you done today to make yourself proud?" So often I sit on the couch eating dinner & watching the show, cheering these people on, but not doing anything myself. Every once in a while I have actually done something physical before watching the show & on those days I feel better about myself, but those times have been few & far between. People tell me I'm already skinny & it's okay if I don't work out. But it's not. For some reason I'm finally realizing that working out is just another essential part of maintaining my body...like eating, drinking water, showering, etc. It just needs to be done.

So I'm trying to work on that. The 5K is a great motivator, but so is my sister telling me that she is going to be able to run a 10K & I'll only do a 5. How do I feel about that she asks. Well thanks, Bear, that motivated me for tonight. I just got home from the gym. I ran/walked 2.1 miles in 30 minutes (5 minute warm up & 5 cool down) but more importantly I increased my intensity from 60 second run/90 second walk to 90 second run/90 second walk! I just need to keep it up & make myself proud! :)

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