Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Quilting Day

Yesterday was National Quilting Day!

How fitting that Sue just finished quilting the three I left with her only a month ago. She had so many quilts in line ahead of me that I was sure mine wouldn't be finished for months. I was supposed to pick them up this weekend, but because of the spring snowstorm we got I decided to stay put. Disappointing, yes, but I thought I could take the whole weekend to work on a baby quilt.

Ironing these fabrics took forever because I had to wash the fabric first (something I'm not accustomed to doing) & the crinkles just wouldn't come out. The measuring and cutting stages were fast and easy because of the simple design I chose. I really thought the piecing would go off without a hitch. I was able to get several inches of sample stitches through my machine without any problems. After piecing only four strips, my machine decided to throw another tantrum that put a stop to my work. So now, I have Kasie's bag in pieces & a baby quilt in pieces.

Maybe Someone is trying to tell me that I should put a hold on new projects until I make some more progress on Mom's quilt. Yeah, I hear you...I'll work on it!

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