Thursday, March 25, 2010


A few months ago this mole showed up. A few weeks ago a black scab-like thing was covering it. I had never scratched or irritated the mole so I thought it was all pretty odd. The scab went away on its own, but a few days ago I noticed it was back so I did what any other resourceful person would do, I turned to the Medical Bible, a.k.a. the Internet. Most forum discussions had comments suggesting to get it checked out by a doctor. Because of their sound advice and several years of reading Dooce (who has chronicled her skin cancer issues) I made an appointment for yesterday. My doctor told me not to worry about it yet, but to keep my eye on it for a couple of weeks. If the redness continues or if the mole grows, then I'm supposed to get back in there to have it removed. This posting is my 'before' picture, expect another picture in two weeks.

Talk about my mole issues brought up a pretty funny conversation yesterday: "When I was younger and just learning about death and Heaven, one of our cattle died. I asked my dad what was going to happen to her now. He told me that she was going to go to Heaven. I asked how she was going to get there and he said that her soul would go. That's not exactly what I heard though. I started counting all the moles on my arms and exclaimed that I would get to go to Heaven seven times!" My people are funny sometimes... But I like the logic. If acceptance to Heaven is based solely on moles, I'm so in!

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