Monday, July 19, 2010

We had a frisbee...and we got wet!

I guess I should have known it would happen...I was a Kansas girl at the beach in California. You would have been disappointed in me if I hadn't gotten soaked, right? I thought so...

One of Jacob's first Saturdays in California was a company day at the beach. He had really wanted to take a Frisbee, but as we were packing at 11 o'clock the night before he left for Cali, it must have slipped our minds. Such shame! Everyone must have thought he was a lame-o who didn't know to bring a Frisbee to the beach! As I was packing for my trip, I found two Frisbees & packed them both.

We were so busy with everything else while I was in California that Jacob & I saved our day at the beach for my last day. And like every other day I was there, I was cold. And special for the day, it was overcast. But we're Kansas kids. We didn't let a little chill & cloud spoil our fun!

We wandered the beach for a while. Saw a lot of kelp, big waves, a few surfers, & a dead seal! A dead seal! Do they really just leave a dead seal on the beach?!

We found an open space & tried to throw the Frisbee around. I say 'tried' because I am not known for my skills with a Frisbee. Jacob tossed me the Frisbee; I kicked it. I tossed him the Frisbee; he ran after it. He was so patient with me though. Occasionally I had a decent toss & made a catch. There were several close calls, but neither of us was hit by the waves during our little game.

After a while, one of us got the genius idea in her head to play a game of chicken with the waves. The rules: whoever got closer to the waves before turning back screaming would be the winner. Like I said, you would be disappointed if I hadn't had this genius idea. Well, Jacob won, but we both got soaked. The proof...

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