Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Walks on the Beach

I meant to post more about my trip to California earlier than this, but I was too busy last week working on a wedding shower gift for Bear (to be blogged about later). But now I have some time so I thought I would show you some more pictures.

The Saturday night of my trip, Jacob & I went on a guided kayak trip. Exciting! I would love to kayak more often, but that requires storage for the kayak when it isn't in the water & a way to get it to the water. Oh, & money to buy it! Right now I don't have any of that, so I'll take any kayak time I can get it!

Our tour had three other couples in it & I felt a little odd that we were the only couple in separate kayaks. Guess we aren't so coupley. But we were the only ones who got to brag about how we did the whole 2 hour trip by ourselves. We saw some amazing homes on our tour & enjoyed reading the names of boats we passed. The tour guide took pictures while we were on the water, but I don't know if he's sent them yet, or maybe they're lost out in the internet somewhere. When/If I get those pictures, I'll remember to post them.

After kayaking, Jacob & I decided to take a little walk on the beach. Our first! Here are some pictures from that evening. (This first picture really makes me want this fabric-sandpiper from Cloud 9...if you have my name for Christmas, take note!)

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