Monday, January 18, 2010

Gummy Bear Drunk

We took regular family trips to Branson when I was younger. I was a fairly easy going passenger on these road trips; all I required were some good books, a few bags of gummy bears/worms, & my sister to keep her feet out of my face! This love for gummy candies has carried on - as has my dislike for my sister's feet in my face!

Friday night Jacob & I went out to dinner with Bear & Zac. We were a little late for our reservation which just meant zero wait time for food...which was great because I was HUNGRY! We quickly ordered our drinks & dinner & imagine my surprise when my Asian Pear Mojito from PF Chang's tasted just like my favorite gummy bear! I easily could have drank way too many, but was a good girl & stopped at one...dang things were $8!

We got our food & continued visiting until Zac found a bone in his (supposed to be boneless) chicken. Poor Zac couldn't finish his dinner & he looked a little sick as we waited for the waitress to come by so we could tell her about the issue. Each person at the table ended up getting a free appetizer for their next visit & they got a gift card for their next visit as well. But I think if Zac had ordered the same as me there would have been no problem...either because the Asian Pear Mojito was so yummy he wouldn't have cared about anything else, or because it's impossible for a chicken bone to be in tofu...

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