Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girl Date

My friends are some of the best in the world. Laura gives the most amazing hugs. She hugs you like she hasn't seen you in years, even if it's only been a day. MyLindsey and I share something that I don't share with anyone else, we were roommates in Costa Rica. It was such a huge experience for each of us and it made such a strong bond between us. Lindsay is my quilting friend. No matter what the project, I can easily talk to her about it and she will know exactly what I am talking about. Jackie is my honest friend. Even if the truth hurts, I know that she will tell me the truth. And she is an amazing host...that girl prepares amazing breakfast for her guests! And Kasie is more than my friend; she is another sister to me. But as great as my friends are, they each have the same huge flaw: they all live too far away!

It's difficult making a life in your college town after graduation. All your friends move away to begin that next chapter of their lives. But not me. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying where I am in life. I enjoy my job, my home, my boyfriend, and hanging out with his roommates, but I miss having girl friends around. That's why I was so excited when last night's opportunity came up.

A classmate of mine from college invited me to dinner. She's still in Manhattan and for some reason we don't hang out as often as we should, but I was so excited to accept the invitation. It was great to spend the evening meeting new women (two other friends of hers joined us), talking about our pets, our various stages of relationships, traveling, etc.

I joked with Jacob about this being a girl date, but in reality, making new friends is just like dating someone new. You make polite conversation, try to find similarities, make jokes you hope the other person laughs at. And when the date is over, you hope the other person had as good of a time as you had. And then you hope your boyfriend doesn't mind if you start cheating on him with your girl dates!

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