Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Make a Difference

Two weeks has come and gone since this post. The mole looks 100% normal. So any hypochondriac worries I had are gone now!

On another medical note, I gave blood yesterday. I don't have the best record with giving blood. The first time I donated, I was a senior in high school. My appointment was at the end of the school day & because of that, I missed my physics class. I remember trying to talk with my physics teacher while we walked against the current of students rushing to get out of the building at 3 o'clock. He was talking about what I had missed in class that day when everything started to go black & his words fell on deaf ears. Luckily I didn't completely pass out, but it was a memorable first donation.

Another time, Kasie & I donated while in college. After an uneventful donation, I sat at the table to drink my juice & eat my donut. I started to feel light-headed & told Kasie I was going to go lay down again. I remember standing up & grabbing for my purse. The next thing I knew, everything was dark & I was clutching my purse strap. Then I heard Kasie's laughter & then my own. Apparently I didn't make it a step from my chair before collapsing.

But I have continued donating & am getting better. Yesterday, the vampire got the needle to sucking on the side of my vein. That made things a little difficult but...I make a difference.

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