Saturday, April 3, 2010

Anything worth doing... worth doing badly.

I am well aware of the fact that where I should have a green thumb, I have brown...two in fact, on one hand.

Momo has always had gardens full of flowers and vegetables. Mom had flower beds full of mums & day lilies & daisies. Jackie & Lindsay studied all kinds of trees & shrubs & flowers in college. Kasie & Laura teach them to high school kids. I should be guilty by association, but I'm not.

I loved walking through the rows of poppies at Momo's & picking weeds. When Mom needed help in the flower beds I jumped to help...until one day I found a foot-long worm & ran into the house screaming. That's where I think the disconnect is: I love to look at beautiful gardens & hope to have one some day, but I'm not the best at maintenance.

That doesn't keep me from trying though. Bromeliads, pansies, orchids, wildflowers, pothos, diffembacchia, spider plants, corn plants, & my beloved jades. I've had a few successes, some minor successes, but mostly failures.

But each spring the colors and textures draw me back in. Yesterday it was a Miss Kim lilac bush & yellow dahlia tubers. Wish me luck!


  1. Katie, the only thing i can think of, and it makes me LOL, is the phone call i got when trying to remove your bulb from the Lilac pot. Oh thats why i love you!

  2. Hey, but I managed to dig back in there & finish the job! Yay me!