Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Loop

Do you remember that surgery I mentioned the other day? The one that Seaton has needed since the beginning of November? The one that is needed because he is blind? The one that is needed because the pressure in the blind eye is causing him discomfort? The one that has been postponed by a visit to the dentist, a dental surgery, and multiple blood tests to see how his kidneys are functioning (normally apparently)? The one that was scheduled for yesterday? Yeah...that surgery.

Didn't happen. Just when I think the ride is over and the roller coaster cars are coming to a stop...just when I think I can stand up and make sure that my body is fully intact after the Ride From Hell...just when I feel like it's safe and I'm not going to vomit...they throw in yet another loop! Another damn loop? Really? Yes.

Apparently, each veterinarian's office has its own protocol that it follows before performing surgery on animals. Okay, I'm fine with that. And apparently this office requires that the animal be up to date on its rabies vaccine. Okay, I'm fine with that, too. But...small problem...Seaton is an indoor cat. 100% indoors. He's never even around animals that go outside. So...I sometimes fall behind on that shot. Oops... So he got a rabies vaccine Tuesday and we scheduled another appointment for NEXT Tuesday. Ugh...

(Note: I am not at all upset with this veterinarian...I just wish I would have known and could have taken care of it before yesterday.)

(Additional Note: Seaton didn't get sick on the way to the vet's office - half an hour away. )

(Last Note: Seaton behaved really well with the vet. Didn't throw a fit! Score!)

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