Sunday, October 24, 2010

I has it

I had lunch with my friend, Kasie, the other day. She was in town with her students who were practicing for their dairy foods competition at the FFA National Convention. After lunch we stopped by one of our favorite stores in town. It's a great little store full of fun gift ideas & random stuff. As we were paying, Kasie noticed these cute little Iwako erasers. Apparently they are the best thing since sliced bread in Japan. Little erasers that come apart like a puzzle. She picked up some for her dairy foods team & I grabbed this little guy:

I didn't know what drew me to the giraffe...he was just cute I had to have him! On the 5 1/2 hour drive later that night, I showed Jacob my new little buddy. And he reminded me of my love for this commercial. Have you seen it? Love it: the guy's accent! The little giraffe! The giggles! No wonder when I saw the opportunity to buy this little guy, I jumped in it.

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