Thursday, June 10, 2010


Boxes are starting to clear out of here!

The kitchen is unpacked. I can see the counter tops. And I have made my first batch of mac & cheese!

Living room furniture is where I want it to be. There are just a few boxes tucked into the corner. I'll ignore them for a while longer.
Bedroom 1 is still pretty messy. Thank goodness for a huge closet so I can stuff everything in there & close the doors for a while until I'm ready to tackle it.

Bedroom 2 belongs to the cats right now. Jacob's furniture is still at his place & will stay there until I have a truck & the muscles to move it.

Bathroom is small. Not much I can do to put anything away in there! I'm thinking about getting one of those bathroom shelving units, but so far I have done a great job of not buying things specifically for the apartment. I want to wait until things are all put away. Then I can think about it...
As a reward for all my hard work, I bought myself some flowers last night!

The cats haven't even messed with them yet! They are calming down a bit. But I think Jackson is trying to take dominance of the household from Seaton. There have been quite a few skirmishes between the two & Jackson seems to be coming out on top!

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